Eternally Approaching Zero

by Fidel Castrato

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overdose, suicides, your dog died, you're coughing up blood, you're out of xanax and the withdrawals are kicking in, rent's almost due, and the centipedes keep crawling around you, no matter how many you kill

life is a dream, and leading scientists say you never wake up


released April 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Sad American Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: Been So
what's your name again? i know i've seen you somewhere a billion times before
the years go so fast when all i do is pass out on the floor
and i don't know if it's addiction or anxiety
and i don't know about the people i keep close to me
i'm sick of breathing nothing but smoke
i'm getting really tired of all the goddamn coke
i miss my family, i miss my friends
and i really fucking miss my dog
but i don't care nothing about that shit
and i'd rather watch Neon Genesis
Track Name: Hedonist
left alone, left out to dry for weeks
i'll come back home and we can lie, and we can cheat
i'll bleach my eyes, you'll stop your heart, we'll be complete
the sun will rise with you and i still on our feet
i won't remember my name by the time i'm out of this
but i'd sell my car for a bottle of pills and one more kiss
Track Name: Bathroom Angel
never been so afraid
too much poison in your veins
don't want to kill yourself so soon
or you'll be like me, convulsing in your room
Track Name: I Don't Think You Tried at All
don't wake up til 2 pm
got three classes, don't worry about them
no motivation to try not to fail
i'm going nowhere, but what the hell
Track Name: Take That
i'm on my own and i'm not doing so okay
but i'm on my own, and you can't take that away